The UK should take a page out of the Turkish opposition’s political book  - Globalist

The United Kingdom would do well to take page out of the Turkish opposition’s political book in coming together for tactical voting so as to avoid Prime Minister Boris Johnson from passing his Bruit deal, online magazine the Globalist said on Tuesday.

Most Britons maintain that their country’s political system is more mature than that of Turkey, a belief held throughout the West, however, an honest reading of the likely result of Thursday’s general election in the UK will say otherwise, the article said.

Johnson, ahead of the Dec. 12 vote, appears to be steaming toward the parliamentary majority he is wishing for to pass his Bruit deal, ending the gridlock in parliament.

Turkey’s leading opposition parties, including the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party’s (HDP), united around the main opposition secularist Republican People’s Party (CHP) candidate for Istanbul mayor ahead of the March local elections. 

The move allowed CHP’s charismatic candidate Ekrem İmamoğlu to effectively hand Erdoğan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) its greatest loss in its 17 years in power by winning Turkey’s largest city where Erdoğan launched his political career. 

“It would indeed be a grand testament to the vitality of democratic forces in Europe… if Britain’s opposition forces managed to act as wisely and maturely as the Istanbul coalition,’’ the Globalist said.

Should the grand power schemes of Johnson, who has Ottoman heritage, be stopped by an Istanbul-style pact among the parties opposing him and the Tories, it added, it would be a case of historical justice of sorts.