Turkish island for sale for $3 million

A Turkish businessman is offering an island in the middle of a lake near the city of Bursa for 17 million liras ($3 million), local media reported on Monday.

The island lies two kilometres off the shores of Lake Uluabat, Sabah newspaper said. It hosts 500 olive trees and local authorities may allow construction of a single-storey residence, it said citing local mayor Ali Özkan.

Turkey’s northwestern region of Bursa is popular with tourists from the Middle East, who are drawn to its forested mountains and upscale hotels.

Businessman Nedim Bulut, whose family has owned the island for 80 years, has already rejected an offer of 13 million liras for the property, Sabah reported. The price is, however, negotiable, it said.

The island could also be used for tourism purposes – a tea garden could be constructed there – or for rearing poultry or larger animals, Özkan said.