Turkey’s last Greek newspaper struggling to survive

The last Greek newspaper in Turkey, Apoyevmatini, is struggling to survive because of financial problems and could close down, the Greek City Times news site said.

"The paper owes its survival to subscriptions. The remaining 600 Greek families in the city are all Apoyevmatini subscribers," the Greek City Times said.

Apoyevmatini is one of the oldest surviving newspapers in Turkey. Established in 1925, soon after the foundation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, the newspaper's circulation in the 1920s and 1930s was as large as 30,000, the Greek City Times said.

But today the circulation has slipped to 2,000, said Mihail Vasiliadis, the editor-in-chief of Apoyevmatini.

"The history of Apoyevmatini parallels the history of Istanbul society," he said.

After bouts of violent persecution of ethnic Greeks in Istanbul in the 1950s and the deportation of most of the community from Turkey in the 1960s, the circulation dropped dramatically, Vasiliadis said.

Turkey’s Press Advertisement Institution, a state agency that distributes public sector advertisements to newspapers according to their circulation, has not placed any ads in Apoyevmatini since 2011.

“Instead of giving us advertisements, they give us some aid once a year and that happens only if they feel like doing so,” he said.