Britain excludes Turkey from ‘safe travel’ list

Britain has excluded Turkey on Thursday from its “safe list” of countries from which people can travel to without going into quarantine when they return to the country, HaberTürk reported.

People travelling from Turkey will have to isolate for two weeks if they return to Britain on Oct. 3 when the new measures come into force.

The decision came at a time when critics of the Turkish government said the coronavirus figures are under-reported and the true spread of the COVID-19 was much higher. Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said on Wednesday that not all positive COVID-19 cases are being recorded in Turkey’s official statistics, drawing severe criticism.

In June, Britain said it would allow travel to and from Turkey without the need to quarantine, due to its "success to date in controlling the virus and having seen the rigour of the 'safe tourism certification' scheme".

However, Turkey was excluded from the European Union’s list of countries for safe travel, as the European Council deemed Turkey’s containment of the coronavirus worse than the EU average.