Turkish police detain 25 in operation targeting alleged Peker crime organisation

Turkish police on Wednesday detained 25 people in a multi-province raid against an organised crime group allegedly led by Sedat Peker, whose tell-all videos accusing government officials of corruption are creating waves in Turkey.

Police found unlicensed guns, bullets, narcotics and money during the four-province raid centred on the western province of Afyon, T24 news site reported.

Two of the suspects detained during the raids were arrested on charges of causing bodily harm, sexual assault, looting, threats and extortion, according to the site.

Eighteen of those detained were later released on judicial control, it said.

The police operation targeted a criminal organisation allegedly headed by 49-year-old fugitive crime boss Peker, who is known for being a strong supporter of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Peker, who waspreviously jailed for fraud and running a criminal group, has been making headlines since early May, when he began a series of YouTube videos accusing past and present senior Turkish government officials of crimes that includemurder, rape, corruption and drug trafficking.

The mob boss who by his own account was last based in Dubai, last week announced he would be relocating, citing security concerns.