Russia and Turkey complete second joint patrol in Syria safe zone

Russian and Turkish armed forces on Tuesday have completed the second joint patrol in the east of Ayn al-Arab and Tel Abyad area in northern Syria, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency wrote.

Armed forces of the two countries participated in the patrol with four armoured vehicles each, with aerial support from unmanned aerial vehicles.

The two-hour patrol was the second one since Turkey and Russia agreed to establish a safe zone in northern Syria along the Turkish border. 

The two countries will conduct joint patrols along a 10 km deep area along a 444 km stretch of land.

The safe zone will act as a buffer between Turkey and the Kurdish militia in northern Syria, who had agreed to withdraw to beyond the safe zone area under Russia’s supervision. 

Turkey also plans to resettle up to two million Syrian refugees it currently hosts in the area, following infrastructure works. 

The first Russian-Turkish joint patrol had taken place on Nov. 1, between east of Ras al Ayn and west of Qamishli.