Restaurants in Germany’s Weimar to rename döner kebabs

Officials in Germany’s eastern city of Weimar have ordered restaurants to change the name of famous döner kebabs to a German word.

Accordingly, one of the most popular dishes on menus will now be described as Drehspiess (rotisserie), German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported.

The change is based on a decades-long guideline, which many cities have ignored, it said. 

A 31-year-old federal guideline is being used in describing what exactly constitutes a döner kebab in Germany.

According to the "Guidelines for meat and meat products" recommended by the food advisory panel of the Food and Agriculture Ministry the meat dish served in flatbread meat must comply with specific rules.

The guidelines stipulate that the meat must be trimmed lamb or beef, and the proportion of minced meat must not exceed 60 percent. Only salt, egg, spices, oil, onions, milk, and yogurt can be added to the dish. 

Factory-produced döner, which contains industrial flavour enhancers, does not meet the requirement.

Restaurant owners in Weimar, one of the few cities to enforce the recommendation, are frustrated with the change, saying customers still come in asking for a döner kebab, whose meaning in Turkish is "rotary".

A total of 3 million people with Turkish roots live in Germany, where döner kebab is arguably the popular fast food.