Turkish Speaker of Parliament says MPs have trouble making ends meet

Speaker of Parliament and ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) MP Mustafa Şentop said the salary for MPs, currently 22,200 liras, is not enough to make ends meet, reported Ahval Turkish.

Şentop said in a television interview on Thursday that MPs have more expenses as they are expected to pay for their own housing and transport, as well as host visitors and pay for requests from their constituents.

When the host mentioned Turkey’s minimum wage, currently 2,200 liras, Şentop said, “If you think of the MP salaries in terms of the minimum wage, then let’s make the salary minimum wage and see whether anybody could work as an MP with it.”

Şentop said the MP salary hasn’t increased since 2002, except for the regular raise based on inflation for all public workers twice a year.