Erdoğan announces further Black Sea gas discovery

Turkey has discovered another 85 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the Black Sea, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Saturday.

The new find brings total reserves in the Sakarya Gas Field to 405 billion cubic meters, following the announcement of 320 billion cubic meters in August, a move hailed by the Turkish government as a game changer.

"The reserves we discovered in the Black Sea are the largest hydrocarbon resource of our country to date," Erdoğan said.

But experts have cast doubt over the potential benefits of Turkey’s Black Sea gas reserves, which they say are relatively small and difficult to access.

The announcement comes as Turkey faces off with Greece over access to natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean, providing good news for the government amid the prospect of European Union sanctions over the issue.

Turkey is heavily reliant on energy imports, putting significant strain on the economy.

At present, around 38 percent of the country’s energy need are met by Russia.